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Here's 26 Reasons Why The PerfectBodyPlan system is just right for YOU

Here’s a brief look at some of the powerful tools and information PerfectBodyPlan contains. It’s these that, all combined, make PerfectBodyPlan the best way of changing your current body shape and size into the physique and physical appearance you REALLY want and you’d REALLY be proud to show off and live with.


1. Discover the REAL reasons most diets and get fit attempts never work and how the PerfectBodyPlan system is different.

2. Learn how to become and STAY motivated in the exactly the right way. By possessing the right kind of motivation, you boost your ability to achieve your goals MASSIVELY. Most people don’t have this special kind of knowledge.

3. Learn all about gyms and the pros and cons of using one as part of your own personal get fit plan. And remember, whether you choose to use a gym or not, PerfectBodyPlan provides you with ALL of the tools you need to change your body size, shape and fitness level for the better.

4. You’ll be given a complete overview and explanation of your body’s major muscle groups and the individual muscles that are contained within them. This explanation, which uses full color diagrams and illustrations to make everything totally clear, gives you an advanced knowledge of what goes into shaping your body into its perfect form using exercises and cardio fitness routines.

5. You’ll learn how to perform exercises safely AND effectively, so every workout you do produces the very best visual results in the shortest possible space of time.

6. There are 12 Power Tips everyone should know if they want to achieve their perfect body. You’ll be walked through each of them in full detail. Once you’ve read and understood them, you’ll be able to exercise and generally work within your physical self-improvement plan at your peak level – always performing at just the right intensity and in exactly the right way.

7. You’ll be told how to do 20 specially selected exercises. Together they target every major muscle group in your body, allowing you to exercise and achieve all over physical improvement. The exercises will help you lose weight, they’ll tone-up your muscles, make you feel fitter and more supple and generally give your body a more youthful, athletic appearance and feel.

8. We’ve included a simple yet amazingly useful guide that tells you where you should be feeling each exercise after you’ve performed it. This allows you to always ensure you’re doing them in the right way and that they will, therefore, produce the results you’re looking for.

9. There’s a complete section on how to properly warm-up and cool-down using stretches and light aerobic work – an essential part of anyone’s fitness program who’s serious about seeing results in the short AND long-term.

10. 13 targeted stretches are detailed in the guide. You’re told how to do each to keep specific muscles supple and healthy.

11. We’ve even combined a selection of different stretches, both static and dynamic, into a perfect stretching routine that you can perform on a daily basis to achieve and maintain a general feeling of youthfulness, suppleness and general physical well-being.

12. You’ll learn how to use a heart rate monitor and a pedometer like a professional. With the right knowledge, you can use both of these tools to aid you in your health and fitness program. Losing weight and at the same time improving your cardiovascular health becomes easier than ever before and even more stress and hassle free.

13. You’ll be taught how to use scientifically proven math formulas to calculate your personal calorie needs. Once you’ve completed these step-by-step simple calculations, you’re then able to follow the expert instructions we’ve included to either gain weight OR lose weight. Followed properly, you’re guaranteed to either lose OR gain (depending on what your body goal is) 1 pound a week. Combined with your chosen fitness and weights program from the guide, the fat will DROP off easily and quickly.

14. We finally blow away the calorie conundrum once and for all and explain, in simple terms, exactly how to control your calorie intake so you can either gain or lose weight easily.

15. You’ll learn how many calories are burned per hour by 15 different forms of exercise. This allow you to choose your favorite exercises and know for sure how much weight you’ll lose by doing them for specific periods of time. No more wondering how good walking, jogging or swimming is – you’ll find out EXACTLY.

16. You’ll be re-educated on the subject of diet and nutrition. PerfectBodyPlan strips away all the fancy terms and complicated jargon and fills you in on only the stuff you actually need to know and understand to achieve your body goals.

17. You’ll discover how to help ensure your skin stays healthy, your bones stay strong and that you always feel unstressed, all through eating certain special foods now and then.

18. We break down the fundamentals of good diet and nutrition even further by giving you 10 power tips. Each one sums up a food fact you MUST know to help you on your journey towards achieving a perfect body.

19. Millions of people all over the world fail to change their bodies for the better for one simple reason: they do not know how to set the RIGHT kind of goals. Goal setting sounds like an easy thing to do – decide what you want and remember it. But GOOD goal setting, the kind that allows you to actually achieve what you want in a really reasonable length of time, goes much deeper than that. You’ll be taught all the ins and outs.

20. PerfectBodyPlan contains three completely different fitness plans. You simply select the one that suits your level of experience and ability and follow the instructions it gives you. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just like a personal trainer, it tells you the exercises you should do, how to do them and when to do them to make sure you’re always moving towards achieving your perfect body.

21. PerfectBodyPlan also contains three totally unique workout plans which involve lifting weights. One is specifically designed for people who want to lose weight using gym machines and equipment, another is for people who want to lose weight without using any gym machines and the final one is for people who want to get BIG and RIPPED!

22. You’re told how to select the correct weights for your on-going level of experience and lifting ability, so that you’re always doing enough to make progress but never so much you injure yourself or overdo it.

23. PerfectBodyPlan contains three different cardio fitness programs. One is basic, the next is intermediate and the last is advanced. The fitness programs DO NOT just give you general advice on what you could do to get fit. They actually specifically tell you which exercises to do, in what order and, crucially, at what level on the PES scale to do them at. The PES scale is a vital part of doing cardio exercise with the intention of losing weight, getting fit and/or staying lean and is explained in full by this guide.

24. PerfectBodyPlan ALSO contains two special targeted plans. One is called The Total Tone-up Routine and is perfect for keeping you lean and fit-looking. The second is called No Flab, Power Abs: The Perfect Mid-section Workout and is the ULTIMATE routine for improving your stomach area. It will give you a flat, highly-attractive mid-section because it includes only the most effective abs exercises in the BEST possible order and rep quantities.

25. But we don’t just give you this wide selection of workout and fitness plans, expecting you to take it from there. No, PerfectBodyPlan includes a special section named How to Construct and Use Your Own Perfect Body Plan. This part of the book tells you how to select which of the included plans you’ll use and how you’ll use them to achieve YOUR perfect body and YOUR individual goals. If your goal is to put on weight and improve your fitness, it will explain which plans you should use. If your goal is to lose a lot of weight and tone up your entire body, again, it will tell you how to construct your own overall perfect body plan. It’s simple and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. You simply look at your goals, decide how experienced you already are in certain areas relating to fitness and exercise, then – using the information in this section – select the different plans you’ll use to achieve your perfect body. It’s a guaranteed, no-nonsense way of finally changing your body into what you’ve wanted for so long: a fit, healthy, attractive physique that doesn’t need masses of special attention to keep it that way.

26. You’ll also have access to something that’s very special and EXLUSIVELY a part of PerfectBodyPlan. You won’t see it anywhere else in the world! It’s called The Magic Checkbox. It’s a tool you can use to boost the chances of your perfect body plan working quickly and with BIG results by up to 300%. That’s right. Using The Magic Checkbox, a simple yet really powerful goal hitting tool, you can TRIPLE the chances of you achieving your ideal physical form. So instead of it taking 3 years (as it might if you used an inferior guide or get fit approach) it might only take a year. Instead of 9 months, it’d be just 3! And if your goal fits this time scale, instead of it taking 3 months to achieve your perfect body, it’d be just 4 weeks!!! That’s the power of The Magic Checkbox.

And so much more there isn’t enough room here to tell you about…

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